Privacy Policy

There is no doubt that digital privacy is not just the fundamental right but also the humane need as it comes to the world of the Internet. We have also seen some improvements in how the Internet allows you to ensure a certain amount of privacy. A Industry Research Reports believes that its users should have the best level of privacy when using the website and services. The following document shows the major tenets of the Privacy Policy of our website and how it impacts the users.

Collection of Data
When a user uses A Industry Research Reports .com, different types of data may be collected from the person — both non-personal and personally-identifiable information. Non-personally identifiable information refers to the type of data that can have no relevance as to a particular individual. It means that data cannot be used for tracking a particular individual on the internet.
On the other hand, A Industry Research Reports may also collect some personal data, such as your email ID or name. Because this type of information can be linked to a particular person, they’re called personally-identifiable information. Despite the differences, A Industry Research Reports makes sure that both types of collected information are protected by the organization — digitally and physically.
Data collection in these manners can happen when people interact with the website.

Automated Means of Data Collection
Apart from the consented form of data collection, some kind of data may be collected by the automated set of means set up with A Industry Research Reports. The type of data collected here includes IP address, ISP details, and details regarding the devices used for accessing the website. It should be noted that the data collection is part of its logging process, which may be used for analytics purposes as well, in the long run.

Use of Cookies
Web Cookies are a specific type of files that can be stored on the hard drive of your computer while using a website. These files are used to enhance the website user experience in the best form. According to our privacy policy, A Industry Research Reports does not use web cookies for tracking the user. They are used for enhancing the user experience only. It should be noted that the cookie policy is applicable for A Industry Research Reports only and not the websites that have been linked to on A Industry Research Reports .com.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Privacy is a changing concept and there may be some necessary changes in the long run. A Industry Research Reports hereby reserves the complete rights to make changes to the document with immediate effect. Visitors are expected to keep a tab on the website to understand minor and major changes to the privacy policy.