Russian Space Telescope Spektr-R stops Responding to the Commands

Russian Space Telescope Spektr-R stops Responding to the Commands


The Only Russian Space telescope in the space Spektr-R has stopped receiving the commands. The Space Telescope is the first one from the Russian Federation, released in the year 2011. From the launch, the Telescope is orbiting the earth and executing the commands received from the Ground Control. Now, the Telescope has stopped obeying the received commands sent by the Mission Control Staff. The Onboard system failed to switch ON the transmitter to receive the commands from ground staff. According to the Astro Space Centre chief Nikolai Kardashev, the telescope is still transmitting the data to the Mission Control.

The Spektr-R has a 10-foot telescope to discover the space and a 33-feet Radio antenna, which communicates with the Ground receiving stations for sending data and receiving the commands. The Telescope had an expected life span of 5 years and lived well beyond the span. On Friday, the team lost the uplink to the Spektr-R, and even after retrying multiple times to establish the uplink, they failed to do so. But still, the Telescope has an active downlink which is sending important data back on the ground control. The Astro Space center Chief Nikolai Kardashev stated that the team is working hard to resolve the problems with Downlink and reestablish the connection.

ROSCOSMOS, Russian Space Agency issues a statement explaining the issue to the media. As per the report, the team of experts is working on the telescope communication system to re-establish the connection and expected to bear the fruits. The telescope was sent to study the galactic nuclei, Quasars, Pulsars, magnetic fields, radio bursts, and many other outer space entities. Previously, the multiple technical issues delayed the launch of this vehicle, which was supposed to launch somewhere in 2004 and 2005.

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